We are your Top Quality CBD store.

R&S Organix was developed by Ryan and Sarah Snook after their personal journey into CBD use and their search for quality and safe products.

After looking for holistic choices regarding pain, anxiety, sleep pattern medication or treatment, they found that there is a lot of questionable homeopathic “products” out there. They decided that they needed to know more about the dirt-to-bottle process as well as the extraction practices.

They had to go to the lab. They had to know the scientist and the grower in order to trust what they were putting in their body.

They wanted to be in charge of their choices for the first time. They got what they were looking for… and now it is available to you, your friends and family.

R&S Organix will likely continue to grow in regards to the products offered but will always keep it simple, clean and useful. No frills and no gimmicks. We partner with many local health and wellness clinics, Chiropractors, natural medicine providers, massage therapists, counselors and fitness experts- feel free to reach out for customized clinic packages.